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Faces of War

This set of photographs was taken of me during the summer of 1970, during a reconaissance mission in the Delta region of Vietnam, by Spec4 John Haug of the US Army Information Office. (Thanks John!)

This set of photographs was taken of me during September-October of 1970, at the Deep Water Pier post. These local militia and matrons helped up with processing the local work force.

These next photos are from my collection, taken by me in Da Nang, during the later part of 1970.

This woman, the great-grandmother of some of the children in my other photos, first attracted my attention because of her hands. Though we couldn't communicate directly, her joyfull spirit seemed to exemplify the indomitable spirit of the Vietnamese people.
This picture has always been one of my favorites. It was taken at dusk right after a monsoon thunderstorm, reminded me of the waiting and watching which were so much part and parcel of every soldier's tour.

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